Pancakes are always a good idea and these oatmeal-banana pancakes will be ready in no time. In addition, you probably have all of the ingredients at home already.

These muesli muffins are a deliciously healthy alternative for regular muffins which are often calorie bombs and have way more sugar than you want to know about. Try out this recipe from the blog Cooking with Kristina who knows how to make a match made in flavor heaven.

These muffins are super moist, with extra muesli crunch! There are not very sweet at all, staying as close to the DeeMuesli ethos as possible, whilst still creating a muffin that would feel nourishing as well as utterly scrumptious. A great recipe from Kimberly, The Little Plantation food blogger.

There are so many other things you can make with DeeMuesli. Kristina Coughlin developed this Raspberry Muesli Bar recipe which is ridiculously simple to make. Moreover, you'll have a delicious bar for a lunchbox treat or a quick afternoon snack.