Why sugar is bad (and why DeeMuesli will always be without added sugar)

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Why sugar is bad (and why DeeMuesli will always be without added sugar)

Why sugar is bad (and why DeeMuesli will always be without added sugar)

As you probably know by now, all DeeMuesli products are without added sugar or any sugar additives.  We’re convinced that sugar isn’t needed in our food.  It’s big on calories, but not on benefits.

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which means it can be easily broken down and entered into the bloodstream, causing a quick spike in blood sugar and heart rate. When you consume sugar, your body has two options on how to deal with it.  The first one is burn it for energy.
But what happens when there’s a whole lot of sugar in the blood with nowhere to go? Well, unfortunately option 2 is that it turns into fat.  If your body doesn’t quickly burn off the sugar in your system, the sugar goes through a process called Lipogenesis, which converts the sugar into body fat for storage. Body fat that you’ll have to work harder to burn off later.

Also, different types of sugars (especially processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup) can make more work for your liver and insulin levels, and can create a fat that’s much harder to break down. Which can eventually lead to even bigger, long-term, problems like diabetes or heart disease.

Your sugar-high is kind of a downer

Excess sugar in your system, is kind of like house guests. Exciting and fun at first, but not-so-great when they never leave. Any remaining sugar in your bloodstream that isn’t burned off or broken down into energy, is converted into fat. Or worse, liver fat, which can lead to liver damage or even type 2 diabetes.

So what can we do? Sugar is everywhere, from the obvious to the not so obvious. However, out-smarting sugar can start by reading labels and understanding what kind of sugar is being used, and how much you actually should have in your diet.

Make fruit your friend!

By now you’re probably wondering, if sugar is so terrible, why is fruit so sweet? Well, fruit can be easily broken down in your body since most fruits don’t contain very much natural sugar to begin with (fructose). Fruit is also packed with natural fiber, vitamins and water – all good things that your body can break down, and create useable energy from. Not only that, it’s just plain tasty, and adds color and flavor to any meal. No added sugar required!

Keep it simple: Avoid sugar.

We’re not asking anyone to go cold-turkey, or cold-cake for that matter. Although, there are some serious benefits to going sugar-less. But by limiting your sugar, you can open up to a whole new world of tastes, routines and other healthy habits. Try to keep your meals high in natural proteins (like dairy products, nuts and eggs), antioxidant-rich vegetables, and whole-grain complex carbohydrates like brown rice, beans and of course, DeeMuesli.

And if something sugary does cross your path, just remember that moderation is always a sweet choice.

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