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Delicious and super healthy home-made muesli

Why sugar is bad (and why DeeMuesli will always be without added sugar)

As you probably know by now, all DeeMuesli products are without added sugar or any sugar additives.  We’re convinced that sugar isn’t needed in our food.  It’s big on calories, but not on benefits. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which means it can be easily broken down and entered into the bloodstream, causing a quick […]

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Valentijnstip: maak muesli koekjes vol liefde!

Cookies with DeeMuesli featured on Diary of Di

Do you know you can also make delicious cookies with DeeMuesli?  Dutch Blogger Diana featured Valentine’s cookies with DeeMuesli on her blog, a blog dedicated to travel and a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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Sampling at Corda Campus

Today, we were at ‎Corda INCubator, in Hasselt, Belgium, to provide ‎DeeMuesli samples.  Corda INCubator is the place to be for young entrepreneurs in the technology and services industry. 

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DEEMUESLI now available at Noir Coffeebar

DEEMUESLI available at Noir Coffeebar Very excited and proud that Deemuesli is now available at Noir coffeebar ! Thank you so much Murielle and Kris! Come and try our muesli with the best ‎coffee in ‎Leuven.  Learn more on   Read More

Why is DEEMUESLI without added sugar?

Most processed muesli is supplemented with fat and sugar to artificially boost flavour. This increases the number of calories and causes spikes in blood sugar levels.

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About Us

It was early on when I realised muesli was my food crush. I would dream about eating it for breakfast every morning, crave it throughout the day.

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